Press Releases 2015


NOAC Press Release 16 December 2015

Local Authorities – Reports on Performance Indicators, Corporate Plans and Tenants Satisfaction Survey

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) today (16 December 2015) published
3 reports on:
- Performance Indicators in Local Authorities 2014;
- Local Authority Corporate Plans 2015-2019;
- Results of a Local Authority Tenants Satisfaction Survey.

The report on Performance Indicators in Local Authorities 2014 replaces the annual Service Indicators reports that have been published since 2004 and outlines the activity in 2014 of the 31 local authorities in respect of 35 performance indicators prescribed by NOAC. These cover a wide range of the functions carried out by local authorities in the areas of housing (6), roads (2), planning (4), water (2), waste/environment (5), fire service (3), library/recreation (2), youth/community (4), corporate (4), finance (2) and  economic development (1). The detailed results for each indicator are provided in Tables 1 to 26 on pages 22 to 79 of the report; they bring together a wide range of information about how all the local authorities perform in delivering services to local communities. The data on performance was collected from local authorities by the Local Government Management Agency, who also provided an associated commentary at pages 81-107. Some of the indicators are new, some were previously included in the Service Indicators reports and some are slightly modified versions of previous service indicators.