Press Releases 2018


NOAC Press Release 25 January 2018

Local Authorities – Report on Performance Indicators 2016

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) today (25 January 2018) published its report on Performance Indicators in Local Authorities 2016. This is the third annual performance indicators report published by NOAC and outlines the activity in 2016 of local authorities in respect of a set of 32 performance indicators prescribed by NOAC. The indicators cover a wide range of the functions carried out by local authorities in the areas of Housing (4), Roads (3), Water (1), Economic Development (3), Planning (5), Waste/ Environment (3), Fire Service (3), Library/Recreation (2), Youth/Community (2), Corporate (4) and Finance (2). The data for the report was collected from local authorities by the Local Government Management Agency on NOAC’s behalf.