Corporate Governance

Annual Reports

NOAC Annual Report 2018 (PDF, 845KB)

NOAC Annual Report 2017 (PDF, 1MB)

NOAC Annual Report 2016 (PDF, 767KB)

NOAC Annual Report 2015 (PDF, 688KB)

NOAC Annual Report 2014 (PDF, 492KB)


        Multi Annual Work Programme 2020 – 2022 (PDF, 786KB)

        NOAC Work Plan 2019 (PDF, 614KB)

        NOAC Work Plan 2018 (PDF, 194KB)

 NOAC Work Plan 2017 (PDF, 195KB)

 NOAC Work Plan to end 2016 (PDF, 204KB)

Statement of Strategic Intent

        NOAC  Strategy and Framework Programme 2020 - 2022 (PDF, 5MB)

 NOAC Statement of Strategic Intent 2017-2019 (PDF, 307KB)

 NOAC Statement of Strategic Intent 2015-2016 (PDF, 308KB)

NOAC Code of Conduct

 NOAC Code of Conduct (WORD, 73KB)

Local Government (LG) Reform Act 2014

       NOAC Provisions - LG REFORM ACT 2014 (PDF, 417KB)