Press Releases 2016


NOAC Press Release May 2016

Local Authorities – Reports on Delivery of Efficiency Measures, Shared Services,
Rates Collection and Financial Performance

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) has published reports on:
- Local Government Efficiency Review Reforms,
- Local Government Shared Services Projects,
- Local Authority Rates Collection 2013-2014,
- Financial Performance of Local Authorities 2013-2015.
In commenting on the reports, NOAC Chairman, Pat McLoughlin, said:

"The reports on efficiency and shared services highlight the success Local Government has had in implementing a range of efficiency measures since 2008, which is to be commended. NOAC wants to ensure that this drive for efficiency is embedded in the day to day work of Local Authorities. The reports on rates collection and financial performance highlight the variable performance within the sector on these specific areas. NOAC urges the Elected Members and Chief Executives of Local Authorities to focus on their specific performance against those who have performed best. NOAC will continue to monitor and report on performance in these key areas."