Press Releases 2017


NOAC M&M Press Release May 2017

A Review of the Management and Maintenance of Local Authority Housing

The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) has published a report on its review of the performance by local authorities of their functions of managing and maintaining their own stock of nearly 131,000 social houses.

In commenting on the report, NOAC Chairman, Pat McLoughlin, said: “This report looks at how local authorities look after their own houses, both in relation to the condition of the dwellings and in relation to the whole process of how they manage their housing stock. NOAC has made local authority housing functions the focus of its first two thematic reviews because both of these tenures - social rented and private rented - are simultaneously under a lot of pressure currently.”

The report is based primarily on responses from authorities to a questionnaire, although, similar to NOAC’s thematic review of the performance of functions relating to the private rented sector, some data integrity issues relating to the information provided by authorities were encountered.