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Press releases on LA Performance Indicator Report 2018

Local Authorities are improving their performance in key service areas

Local Authorities are improving their performance in a number of key service areas according to the Local Authority Performance Indicator Report 2018 which has just been published.
Overall local authorities are performing well when it comes to road maintenance, housing stock, commercial rates collection, job creation, corporate issues such as technology and social media engagement, employment levels and increased use of public libraries. The comprehensive 100 page report from the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) is packed with statistics on the performance ot 31 local authorities under 37 different performance indicators.
NOAC’s chairman Michael McCarthy said that with this the fifth annual report on performance indicators individual local authorities have a very useful mechanism to view, track and improve on their own performance relative to that of other similar local authorities. “Ultimately this will help improve their service to the public.” he said. Data for the report was collected by the Local Government Management Agency on NOAC’s behalf